About us

SMLRO founded in summer 2010. The company's founding team members are all cycling enthusiasts, and more than half of them have more than 10 years of experience in bicycle R&D and production. Our company is located in Shenzhen, the City of Innovation in China. In Shenzhen, China's fastest-growing city, many people spend hours on commuting every day. The congestion in the city is hard to endure. Cycling still can't reduce commuting time, because the bicycles are not fast enough and the city is too big. Why can't we make cycling faster, more labor-saving and easier? That is the original intention of the birth of SMLRO electric bikes.These electric bikes combine the advantages of bicycles and motorcycles. They have the speed, power, and mobility of motorcycles, and they retain the characteristics of  bicycles. You can ride them completely like bicycles. In addition, SMLRO electric bikes have an electric assist function, which is a hybrid mode of electric power and manpower. In the electric assist mode, while you pedal your bike, the motor will output a certain proportion of power, making it easier to ride. It is very energy efficient so you can ride farther.

When SMLRO was born in 2010, our goal was to be the very best bike brand, not necessarily the biggest. We always strive to innovate, research new technologies and new products, and improve the quality of our products. Today, our products cover electric bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes, city bikes and road bikes. We have a series of modern production equipments and a scientific quality management system in our factory. Our flexible production lines are able to meet different needs of our customers, such as customized, OEM and fast delivery of small orders. We provide high quality, innovative and competitive products to bike stores and internet brands around the world. Over the years, our bikes have been exported to every corner of the world. Consumers can enjoy cycling in different seasons and different places.

The road to overseas markets has become wider and wider.The dream is still going on, and the determination to promote the bicycle culture will not change. And the SMLRO team will continue to carry it forward.




Contact: Gavin Deng



Email: info@smlrobikes.com

Add: No.3, Jingshan Third Road, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong 518105, China